Herringbone and chevron patterns remain firmly fashion-forward, but you can go a step or so further with help from Havwoods; take a closer look at the options.

Such is our conviction that engineered timber is better suited to the majority of installations that we have scoured the mills for suitably inspirational, pre-finished herringbone and chevron blocks which enjoy engineered stability and may be fitted over underfloor heating. The result is a collection of impressively oversized blocks, 120x600mm, which ensure a contemporary twist to a traditional look. Go further and mix it up by using more than one shade: imagine the drama of Nile and Medio or Fresco and Sarum, for example; add Blanco or Fendi for extra contrast, or go for a subtle smokey duo by pairing the latter with Jutland.


Alternatively, check out the great engineered chevron which utiilises timber reclaimed from Indonesian fishing boats and still bears the beautifully faded remains of their original paintwork; as with many of our blocks, there’s a matching plank, too.


And from larger than usual blocks to extra-small, or rather, extra-thin ones. Our Italian Collection features shorter, narrower planks, herringbone and chevron blocks which are no thicker than 11mm, making them ideal for laying in patterns with tiles of ceramic, porcelain, glass or even rubber for your own, totally unique design.


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